Caduceus Sterling Silver Charms / Pendant

  • Caduceus Sterling Silver Charms / Pendant
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INFOFACTS - The Caduceus is a symbol consisting of two snakes entwined around a winged rod or staff. It is also known as the Rod of Hermes. As a symbol of the Greek god Hermes the Caduceus is traditionally associated not with medicine but with trade and commerce. Hermes (the Greek equivalent of the Roman Mercury) was the messenger of the Greek gods and his staff has been used as a herald's staff.Some legends attribute to the Caduceus powers akin to the Midas touch but without the drawbacks. In one of many versions of the myth it is said that the scheming Hermes stole the oxen of the sun god Apollo. When Apollo discovered this, Hermes charmed him with a magic lyre and escaped punishment. Hermes gave the lyre to Apollo who in return gave him a magical staff that turned all it touched into gold. Hence the association of the Caduceus with wealth and commerce.




Sterling silver CADUCEUS charm or pendant which measures approx 18 x 22 x 1mm and weighs approx 1.1g

 All charms are delivered with a split ring attached



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