Court jester Sterling Silver Charm

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INFOFACTS - A jester, joker, jokester, fool, wit-cracker, prankster or buffoon was a person employed to tell jokes and provide general entertainment, typically by a European monarch. Jesters are stereotypically thought to have worn brightly colored clothes and eccentric hats in a motley pattern. Their hats were especially distinctive; made of cloth, they were floppy with three points, each of which had a jingle bell at the end. The three points of the hat represent the donkey's ears and tail worn by jesters in earlier times. Other things distinctive about the jester were his laughter and his mock sceptre, known as a bauble or marotte.

Sterling silver COURT JESTER charm which measures approx 25 x 32 x 10mm and weighs approx 4.2g

Large charm

 All charms are delivered with a split ring attached


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